Why is everyone in such a hurry?

For pete’s sake, slow down!

Yesterday my husband was driving home from playing golf on a two-lane highway. There was one car ahead of him and then a semi in front of it. The car in front of him kept swinging out to see when there was a good time to pass.

On this particular stretch of road, there is no good time but this car was having none of that. The driver kept swinging out and back and then finally saw the opportunity and went.

What that driver didn’t see and what my husband could see being a little further back were two cars coming from the opposite direction. As he said to me as he relayed the story, it was like watching a horrendous accident about to unfold and there was not one thing he could do about it. He was preparing himself for the aftermath.

At the last second, the semi swerved to the shoulder on one side, the two oncoming cars swerved to the shoulder on their side, and the driver who was in such a hurry managed to continue on his/her way. Because those other drivers made quick decisions and maneuvers, an accident was avoided.

Why are people in such a hurry?

The driver who narrowly avoided causing lives to be changed forever due to the quick actions of others probably saved a mere few minutes to get to the desired destination. Are a few minutes really that important versus the potential lives that could have been lost?

Absolutely not.

So, I repeat, why are people in such a hurry?

I don’t get it. I picture that driver rushing to the next destination and then rushing on to the next, and then…well, you get it. When there’s no slowing down, there’s no enjoyment.

When we’re in a hurry, we miss out on more. We lose out on opportunities to connect and relate to others. We lose the chance to enjoy experiences.

So, slow down for pete’s sake!

*When you’re behind a slow driver, use it as a chance to send positive thoughts to loved ones in your mind by saying each of their names and why you’re grateful for them.

*When you’re waiting in a long line at the grocery store, strike up a conversation with the person behind you.

*When you’re sitting in the pouring rain waiting for it to subside, make a list of things you plan to do when it stops.

*Instead of always feeling like you have to be doing something, do nothing. Sit in silence. Take deep breaths.

*Have a conversation with someone without thinking about what you’re going to say next, without your phone by your side, and without looking around you. Focus on that person in that moment.

And these ideas are just the beginning. I think about all the senseless tragedies and time lost when we get in such a hurry. It just doesn’t seem worth it to me. Do you?

Call to action.

The next time you feel yourself being in a hurry, try one of the suggestions above. Think about how your actions could negatively impact others by being in a hurry and the difference it could make by slowing down.

And if for no other reason, do it for Pete, whoever he is! :)

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