We All Have Our Good Days and Bad Days

We all have our demons we are constantly battling everyday. Some more (and harder) than others. Some know how to deal with it. Some don’t but we all user from anxiety in some way shape or form.

You fight your inner demons to keep yourself alive.

You give yourself reasons everyday not to die.

It’s a chore to get out of bed.

You argue with yourself constantly.

You try to find the good and grasp that slither of hope to keep trucking along.

You feel useless and hopeless.

You try to make people around you laugh because their smile takes your pain away for a few moments.

Don’t pity me because there are others worst off than I am. People that cant even stand the thought of breathing.

I’m writing this out because I know there are many people like myself out there.

Life may seem “good” on the outside but the pain behind their smile is real and soul crushing.

And most of all, it hurts.

And you can’t do anything about it.

I hesitate to talk about this because I don’t want people talking to me about it, reaching out to try and make me feel better because in reality, no one can make me feel better except for myself.

It will always be a constant and never-ending battle for me and others like me.

There will be good days and there will certainly be bad days.

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