Something To Think About Saturday

Our autism journey

The dude slept! Me, ehh. I’m not used to him sleeping all night. I wake searching for him. First my arm flings over my back in that frantic motion, like did I miss him getting in bed with me. I look on the floor, he’s not there. Sometimes he doesn’t make it to my bed. I lay there for a bit, thinking I will fall asleep without actually looking in on him, I have to get up. I don’t want to go in his room, he hears every little noise and the floorboards creak. He’s there, I can see from the doorway. I go back to bed. I think about all the contraptions I need to install in my home to keep my baby safe, to make it easier for me to check on him, and then I think, I can’t even get a load of laundry done until he is asleep some days. Owen doesn’t like when I’m not in his sight or where he wants me to be. When Owen woke he ran to my bed, it was almost 6. That right there is glorious. Slept all through the night and slept until six. He got into bed with me and said, “your turn”. He had his lovey with him and he was humming along with the tune it was playing. We laid there for another half hour. He got out of bed with an “I’m done” and off we went to the living room. The sleep has put him in a great mood and full of words. Many connections are forming and the progress makes me so happy. I often think this is the little boy the doctors said probably won’t talk. I know they have to tell you these things, but those words are hard to hear. I will never give up on Owen. He finished one of his games and he said, “I’m prouWd de ewe” and my heart swells. I said, yes my love I’m proud of you. Positive reinforcement helps Owen as much as any of the other things I’ve tried. Owen has taught me more about life than I could have ever imagined. Today and always growing Owen is what we do. Positive words and positive actions equals a positive life. Today is your day. Be kind to yourself and the rest will follow. Smiles to all and donut daze!

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