So, what’s next?

It’s day 30 and tomorrow my personal challenge of writing every day for 30 days ends. I’ll dedicate the writing of tomorrow to make a summary of the whole month. What went well, what wrong, those things.

By now, I can say that writing is an amazing activity if done right. And that can’t be done doing a writing per day. Stories needs research, drafts, edition. Too much work to make it in twenty four hours. I don’t expect stop writing but obviously I don’t going to keep the current pace.

This upcoming month of June I’m going to try something different. At first I was tempted of doing a podcast. I like public speaking and deep discussions so a podcast seemed a good choice. However, the podcast activity will be delayed.

I’m going to try videos instead.

I’ll confess that video-edition is not a skill of mine, and neither I really interested in video edition. That’s why I thought that podcast would be an easier choice. No video. Just voice.

  • Podcast = Voice
  • Video = Voice + Graphics

Graphics, aggh.

This time the goal is going to be one video per week. I have thought of make a script, practice it and record on weekends, publishing on Monday of the next week.

My influences are mainly, Jason Silva in Shots of Awe but also:

I love the following channels too, but they rely a lot in animation and graphics and this is out of my reach at the moment:

If you check each one of the previous channels you will notice the following topics: Philosophy, Futurism, Physics, Videogames, human behavior, relationships, art. So you can guess already what the videos will be about.

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