Seneca on Intentional Living

“Some lack the fickleness to live as they wish and just live as they have begun.” — Seneca

Translation: Some people accept their lives as is instead of changing them for the better.

I think Seneca understated himself. I’d say the above doesn’t apply to some people but rather most people.

So many of us are not living the lives we dream about. We accept the status quo.

Why? Many reasons, but here are some of the biggest ones:

1. Lack of Awareness — being so caught up in the day-to-day that you don’t even realize that things could be better. You’re existing, not living.

2. Fear — some excuse is holding you back from making a positive change, and you’re afraid of facing it.

3. Comfort — you’re used to the way things are now. Why make yourself uncomfortable?

4. Don’t know how — starting seems impossible because you haven’t done this before. Sticking with what you know is easier.

The people who get the most out of life are the ones who take the reins. They first understand that they can change their circumstances and create the life they want for themselves. Then, they translate that desire into a tangible vision. Finally, they consistently take action on that vision and slowly move closer and closer to their goals. The vision might change along the way, but it’s the constant pursuit of it that really makes them feel alive and helps give their lives meaning.

Are you accepting your life as it is right now? Or are you in constant pursuit of the life you know you’re capable of living?

Regardless of how you answer those questions, the truth is that we can all be doing better. Let this be the inspiration you need to course correct.

This post originally appeared on “The Life of Riley” blog

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