Ph.D. in Mistakes

Are your mistakes just mistakes?

Source: pxhere

They say you should not label yourself. Your acting will do.

No, in my case I’m sure I can give myself labels.

Failed developer, failed engineer, failed manager, failed consultant, failed writer, failed husband, failed son, failed human.

But I’m good at dreaming. So, I still have hope.

I thought I was not qualified to advise about anything, but I realized that, instead, I have precise and reliable knowledge to share.

Take what I say and do what remains. It works.

I thought to sell a course based on this method. The only flaw is that sometimes they could believe precisely in what I say and then issue me because of the consequences.

Still, that’s real knowledge. You become a better human because you failed someone. You become a better engineer because a client took pictures of the unexpected results. You become a better manager because things took an unexpected turn and you said OMG.

Of course, if you realized what happened.

That’s where the Ph.D. comes into play.

Get a Ph.D. in (recognizing your) Mistakes, and it will be the best possible investment to improve your life.

Or maybe I shouldn’t advise you? I’m confused…

Disclaimer: If you still find yourself repeating some mistakes from the cradle to the grave, don’t worry; they’re your trademark.

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