Ordinary People Focus on the Outcome. Extraordinary People Focus On the Process.

An ordinary person turned out to be extraordinary. Bryan Cranston described the lesson he learned that made him a better actor in his own autobiography. Here’s what he wrote about hustling: “The truth is, when you are young, you have to hustle. And as the years go by, you begin to wonder why.

Doing commercials, starring in movies, auditioning. You were making a decent living…but you felt that you were stuck in junior varsity. I wondered if I’d reached my plateau. Then, my mentor, Breck Costin, suggested I focus on the process more than outcome.

The best way to get an agent is by getting an agent. There are many different agents, and they will take the time to get to know you and to determine if they would be interested in representing you.

I wasn’t going to compete. I was going to give something. I wasn’t there to get a job. I was there to do a job. I performed to give a live demonstration. If I became involved in the result, I might get myself into trouble. My job was to tell compelling stories about people and places, which had the potential to be a game-changer for my audience.

After making this shift, he felt much more relaxed and free. There was still no pressure because the result was irrelevant. “Once I made the switch, I had power in any room I walked into. Which meant I could relax.

I was free.” Soon after this shift, Cranston was offered a role in the wildly popular Malcolm in the Middle, for which he was nominated for 3 Emmy awards. He’s one of the most respected and well-known actors in the world. 1. Which of the following options is the best rewrite of the original sentence?

Having a comfortable home can do more for you than any other thing in life. This book will teach you how to create that sense of relaxation and freedom in any room in your home. Have you ever felt empowered before? Imagine what it would be like to have power in any situation you walk into.

What would happen if you could live your life without the pressure of needing to have everything be perfect right now? You’d be able to be who you want to be. Ordinary people get caught up in the endgame, but extraordinary people focus on the process. This is how they achieve such enormous goals.

Pressure is Imagined

People don’t do things that scare them; they do things that make them happy. Pressure is when you think you’ve got things out of control and don’t know what to do or how to get through it. If we’re looking at the result of our efforts, it sets us up for success.

There are many personal examples of how working at a telemarketing call center was very stressful. This is a good example of how stressful it could be. While working in customer service at a major technology company, I would make 200+ calls a day to random strangers.

My boss was always on my back, complaining about my lack of sales. He kept asking me, “Why aren’t you selling as much as you used to? I was getting fired from the job I was doing, and the president of the company was about to give me my pink slip.

What you’ve been going through lately makes sense when you think about it. After all, if you’ve been going through months of this, you’ve begun to believe a false reality. If only I had an easier time with people, more luck, better timing, and a whole lot of love. My boss claimed that at least, he believed.

It took me nearly two years before I finally quit my terrible job and left my manipulative boss, but once I did, I knew that it was time to take the next step with Amazon. “I cannot make someone do something. All the pressure I had put on myself was imaginary.

This was a stupid thing to say and the worst thing to do. You’re going to make yourself sick by trying to motivate yourself like this. Don’t pressure yourself to compete, to win, to get better. Instead, enjoy learning and growing with confidence that this will lead you to winning. Whether the truth is that you don’t control the outcome.

You’re in charge of all the things that are happening to you. You are your own boss — not someone else’s. The only thing you truly have control over is your attitude, mindset, and actions. Expectations can have a lot to do with your ability to move forward.

“People who keep high expectations for themselves don’t experience peace, happiness, and success. If you’re constantly stressed and feeling like you have no control over certain aspects of your life, you may need to find some balance.

This is a hard lesson. I don’t expect many people to learn it right away. You may have heard that phrase for years and still don’t know what it means, but we’ll help you get the hang of it. It’s all right. Mindset shifts like this take time.

It doesn’t matter if it seems like common sense or not—just write what you think your audience needs to hear right now. Pressure is imagined. Don’t worry about the outcome, so don’t even try. Don’t focus on what you can’t control: yourself, your attitude, and your actions.

Pressure is imaginary. You cannot control it, so don’t fear it. Nothing can stop you from achieving your goals. Ignore what others are doing, and you can achieve enormous goals. Ignore the noise. Just focus on your goal. There is no benchmark, so just try and be better than you were yesterday, and don’t get hung up on what other people are doing.

The True Mark of a Champion is a Commitment to the Craft

Joe Frazier didn’t rely on luck or luck alone to become the Heavyweight World Champion. Instead, he used a combination of hard work, preparation, strategy, and talent. Anyone who relies solely on luck, or talent, doesn’t understand this lesson.

If you want to become a professional anything, you have to start out as a complete amateur. Everything is difficult at first, but then it gets easier. To become a true champion, however, you need to do more than just get lucky. There are plenty of people waiting for inspiration to show up and help them do the work.

You can do it by doing the work — day in and day out — you’ll get stronger, faster, and more skilled. If you want to be inspired, read this. “Fortunately, it occurs in the morning at exactly 9:00 a.m.”

The champion is focused on the process. He knows champions are not made in the ring, they’re made in the practice arena. They practice, day after day, month after month, before the fight or match.

The Boston Globe once studied how snowboarders spend their time during a typical day in Sochi. This is a really fun book about two girls from very different backgrounds who meet and start an adventure. It takes place in their senior year, and is really interesting because the story focuses on the relationships between the characters.

At most, they get about an hour of ‘free time’ a day, but it’s usually used for homework. Their victory in the Olympic Games long before the start of the actual competition is a testament to their hard work and dedication.

They have their own unique way of looking at the world, and it makes them unique as well. They’re always striving for more, and there’s no limit to what they can do. In Ericcson’s Peak, he says: “At its core, practice is a lonely pursuit.” Commitment to the craft can be lonely, boring, and tedious.

It often is, but this is the difference between good and bad writers, snowboarders, CEOs, singers, and jugglers. The good ones practice consistently. They focus on the process of getting better, each and every day. The bad ones won’t. Normal people focus on the outcome. Extraordinary people focus on what they can control — the process.

To improve one percent every day is to change your life. If you don’t, there’s no progress.

Why Most People Won’t Achieve Their Goals

You don’t have to be a ‘better-than-average’ person to succeed, and you shouldn’t look to others to determine what works best for you. Maybe it’s to beat your competition. Maybe it’s to beat your cubicle mate Richard for the promotion. Maybe it’s to beat your boss’ low expectations of you.

Maybe you’re jealous of your more successful sibling. Maybe you just want something cool to say when your high school reunion comes around. Winning against your former self can be the most difficult challenge for an entrepreneur. Most entrepreneurs are never faced with the reality that they’re the best at something.

There is nothing noble about being superior to your fellow men. If you’re trying to accomplish a goal, focusing on the outcome will prevent you from fully immersing in the process of learning or improving, and in the end, it prevents you from reaching your potential. When you’re training to play golf, don’t allow yourself any more than a fraction of your ability.

I was that guy for a long time. Middle school, I wanted to win every girl in class over. In my senior year of high school, I had to face a big challenge. It’s hard to get ahead in business when you are focused on the outcome. (You never know where you are going if you are focused on the outcome.

I almost never just worked. I was always thinking about what “the other guys” were doing. I used to compare myself to others in the gym, and if I didn’t feel that I looked any different, I would quit. I finally focused on the process and not just on the product. I was able to increase sales by 30% last year.

I’ve decided to stop looking at other writers and their followings. Just writing? That’s a good idea! I love it when writers stop to analyze the numbers and write for pure enjoyment. I wrote every day for a month. I studied top-tier writers — their word count, quotes per article, headline, article structure. I learned from the masters. I became a devoted student.

In Conclusion

It’s way easier to focus on the outcome. It’s easier. It’s so familiar. Almost everyone does it. And it’s hard to ignore the competition and keep your nerve and take action as you work to change yourself.

What matters is how you react when you don’t get what you want. If you continue to focus on the outcome, you will continue to waste your energy trying to control the outcome. This is why most people don’t succeed in their dreams; they’re too exhausted from trying to do better than the other guy.

Their focus is wrong. It’s not easy. When you choose to focus on the process — your attitude, your actions, your mindset — you shift your focus onto the things you can control. I’ve got something that will upgrade you from ordinary to extraordinary.