Mastering My Own Vibration

Feelings have a vibration. This is one reason why music is so important to me. A song can amplify my emotions. A song on the radio can uplift me and brighten my mood.

Like tuning the radio, I also “tune in” to the emotions that those around me are broadcasting. A rude driver’s angry gesture might create a matching feeling of anger in me. Or a family member’s anger at his own mistake might trigger an emotion like fear or resentment.

Detachment helps me to master my own vibration. My habit is to try to “fix” the emotions of others. I thought that it was my job to “make” someone else feel better. If only I were “good enough”, that other one would be happy.

Today I know that I have no power over how others feel. My work is to observe the emotions of others without trying to “fix” them. I allow them to feel what they are feeling without interfering.

Often, when I am feeling the need to “fix” the emotions of my loved ones, I need to re-tune my own emotional frequency. If my emotions are not love and acceptance, then I need to pause to bring my self back into alignment with my Higher Power.

Detaching and re-tuning my own emotional frequency allows me to broadcast the song that is always coming from Source. I want the frequency of my “station” to be stable and unshakable. I want to broadcast the song that my Higher Power is sending to me and through me.

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