I’m Always Trying to Make Excuses NOT to Write

I just wanted to write something today since I didn’t write anything yesterday. I want to be able to write every day even if it’s not good but I see myself making excuses not to do it.

“If I write every day, I won’t be as creative.”

“If I write a lot, I’ll waste my time and paper with nonsense whereas I should only write when I am inspired so everything will be perfect.”


I don’t want to go back to my lazy phase again because that was a shitty time for me and I don’t want to go back to that spot again. I’ve actually been doing pretty well the last month or so, writing in my Moleskine. I definitely feel a void when I don’t write in it on certain days.

I’ll write when I want to and wherever I want to. I don’t want to give any excuses for not writing anything, especially I have the time and energy right now to mold my career and what I want to do.

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