I was recently asked this question by a reporter from a major magazine. There’s a good chance you’ll read these same comments in a coming edition of the magazine. But today, I’m going to give you a sneak peek into my crazy mind. Because at the end of the day, every successful entrepreneur has to be a little crazy. So what fuels my passion?

I enjoyed a successful career in corporate America for my first eight years as a working adult. The pay was good and the career path looked to be sky high. I should have loved it but I hated it. I couldn’t stand the thought of being stuck in a box for the rest of my life. I had more ideas than time and my supervisors could care less. I wanted so badly to build a legacy for myself. A legacy so big that people would one day talk about my story. It was important to me to build something for myself and my mind raced everyday as I thought about my eventual journey into entrepreneurship.

Life got real once I left corporate America to start Two Maids & A Mop. I worked inside a cramped 250 square foot office space, worked longer hours than ever imagined and lost money every single day. I should have hated my life back in those days but I loved every minute of it. I mean every freaking second, I loved it! I loved it because the passion to build something phenomenal was the most important thing in the world to me. My inner scoreboard was always on working inside my mind and I never once entertained the idea of losing. Logic said to quit so many times during my initial launch but I refused to lose because my inner scoreboard was just that important to me.

I believe every successful entrepreneur has an inner scoreboard and they’re the only one’s that care about it. It may not make any sense but competing against myself is my true motivation every single day. I refused to lose 14 years ago and refuse to lose today. And yeah, I’ll boast a little bit and brag because I think the strategy is working. We’ve grown from one tiny 250 square foot office space into a 50+ store franchise network that is growing at an exponential rate. Our story has been recognized on national television, published in major magazines and; most importantly, more than 100,000 homes will be cleaned this year by a team of professional house cleaners from Two Maids & A Mop. Those numbers are important to me because my inner scoreboard is important to me. More important than anything else in the world.

Passion doesn’t come free. Passion creates sacrifice and also creates success. I’m passionate about building a powerful, nationwide brand and my inner scoreboard is enough for me. What about you? Exactly how passionate are you? So passionate that you’ll sacrifice everything just to compete against yourself. I’m that crazy and; in my opinion, you better be too if you plan on building a legacy.

About Two Maids & A Mop

Two Maids & A Mop offers residential house cleaning franchise opportunities in all 50 US states. The brand currently serves 46 markets across the country and is recognized as the single fastest growing cleaning company in America; according to Inc. Magazine. You can learn more about the brand’s competitive advantages and franchise opportunity by visiting http://www.twomaidsfranchise.com.

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