Hungry Saturday

Our autism journey

“I said bear”, Owen says as he was walking up to me. He hadn’t said “bear” until he walked up to me and followed it up with yelling “hungry” as ran back to his plate of cereal. I repeat the words that he says back to him “you said” and fill in the word that he said, hoping to encourage him to say more words. I will tell him how great he did or ask him for a high five. The thing that is amazing and wonderful to me is he changes his grammar to fit the situation now. He slept all night. I added a new thick foam pad to his bed, hoping that would bring better sleep to him. As soon as he came to me he said, “wanna take a map”. He quickly followed it up with “hungry”. I think that was the start of the food trend. I love that he can ask for things now. I cried endless rivers wanting to hear his words. When he was a baby I always joked that I bet he would sound like Ross from Friends, saying, “hi” with those puppy dog eyes. Owen doesn’t sound at all like Ross, he sounds like my perfect, amazing Owen with a voice that makes my heart sing. The words are still forming, the connections are coming, but I see the progress. I still long for the day when he can tell me his feelings, or if he has a favorite color, even what he wants to wear. I believe, and I believe some more in Owen. I believe he will do great things and already has. Never give up. The journey doesn’t necessarily go as planned, but sometimes the lessons learned will help you become the person you want to be. I’m thankful every day for the inspiration and motivation Owen gives me. Find your inspiration and watch how your journey changes. Make today matter. Smiles to all and donut daze!

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