How to remain Uncompromising child-voyagers?

Here’s a quick way to unleash child inside you

Do you remember the feeling of “awe” we used to experience being a child. Those small things were used to make you ecstatic. Why it fades away with growing age?

In fact, when you behave irrationally or so called irrationally, you are shut down by others by saying that “Why are you behaving in childish manner?”

Goddamn it! What’s wrong being a child? Childhood is first phase of journey, it’s your foundation. It will make you who you are or who you really want to be. Why should one suppress those childish emotions?

Children are transmitters who transmit Godly vibes to bring heavenly energy on earth. Free as air. Free as bird in the sky. Nothing to hide. Nothing to fear. . Happy with whatever life gives them. Thrilled by mysteries of adventure. Wrapped with velvet of air with mist in their every smile giving everybody around an undying sense of joy. Love is the only language they know. Happiness is the only business they spread. They create their own rainbows wherever they go. Born artists. Coloring every dull moment of life with bright shiny colors. Soul as pure as divine. Mind like droplets of rain — Beautiful but always curious and hungry.

Why shouldn’t one reconnect or more precisely forget their experience being a child? Why shouldn’t one embrace this divinely gift given by God to everyone through out their lifetime?

Do you remember the first time when you were stung by the bee, it pained horribly, but it never stopped you playing in the open garden near beehives. That’s called courage and confidence in yourself. Why shouldn’t one forget such an important lesson learned in the very beginning of your life?

Do you remember the first time when you fell down, you picked yourself up and dust it off and continued with your game. This is called resilience. How about incorporating it in your daily life?

Do Remember when you failed first time in the subject, you studied hard and rose to the top next time. This is called perseverance and undying optimistic attitude. If it was possible then, why shouldn’t it be possible now?

You are the same person, as you were while you were young, isn’t it? Why it wasn’t hard then and you feel harder now?Why things change when you become adult? Why you become stranger to yourself? Why suddenly life becomes about future and not about current moments? Why your places got swapped from from Heaven to Hell?

Do you know Child smile 400 times in a day while adults smile only 20 times.

When was the last time you felt happy like a child? When was last time you felt the rain instead of just getting wet in it? When was the last time you laughed like a thunder? When was the last time you thought that this world belongs to you? When was the last time you felt you are bigger and greater than elephant and tinier than ant? When was the last time you felt you can conquer the world with your smile?When was the last time you felt alive?

What if I tell you that you have all the abilities of the world which are required to win any game. What if I tell you that you have successfully used your abilities in the past to win the game, while you were young. What if I tell you that you were best in whatever you did when you did it with your heart and soul.

What happened to you?

Let me tell you a story. This is a story about Peter. Peter was an excellent student when he was young. He excelled in everything in whatever he did. He was a free thinker. Suddenly, one day he became victim of mass thinking. He was creatively different, so he was that by everyone that he was weird. Instead of encouraging his creativity, people around him killed it. He was crushed and made fun of for being different. He stopped listening to himself and start following the path of mass thinking. As it was safe game and he can match the wavelength of his friends in the peer group. He started unlearning the valuable experience life gave him. He died from inside that day. Acting childish with free thoughts became curse than boon. People created false notion in his mind that being adult is a new swag. With time he surrendered completely to people around him. Though he thought that he is better off as he has more friends. But he became miserable from inside. Struggling with whatever he did. He survived but not thrived in life.

Don’t let that happen to you. SAVE YOUR INNER CHILD! SAVE THAT PUNK!

You would argue that with time you need to change and behave in a more matured manner. World is full of competition and to make through the competition, to win the race, you have to be nasty, full of stress, crude etc.

I agree. But please understand Adulthood and Childhood are two phases of life. Each comes with its own importance in your life. You are one soul going through different experiences of life. Every experience will give you a lesson. Don’t forget the lessons you learned during childhood while stepping into adulthood. MAKE THAT BALANCE IN YOUR LIFE. Complement your learning from childhood with the learning of adulthood, once you did that, you will unleash umpteen potential inside you.


Sometimes you can learn best LIFE SKILLS from your younger self. HOW? Here’s the answer

  • Curiosity —Curiosity is a trait of genius, intellectual giants like Thomas Edison, Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Richard Feynman, all of them were curious characters. If you will observe children, they have power bank of curiosity, they would be asking questions relentlessly about everything they encounter.

The important thing is not to stop questioning… Never lose a holy curiosity. — Albert Einstein

How can you keep your curiosity alive?— The hunger to learn new things starts dying as you grow old. Why? Because of sense of pride and ego starts manifesting inside you. How to arouse that sense of curiosity inside you? Wasn’t it simple, when you were kid. Do you know why? Because kids don’t have labels like doctor, engineer, CEO, CFO, Clerk etc, adults have. Kids see everything as a game and when you are playing game everybody is equal. No labels are attached. And live long curiosity to win every game of life never dies inside you. Be a player of game called life and you will see unifying energy of curiosity always accompanying you whatever you do in life. And you would see excitement in each and every moment of your life without any dull moments.

  • Time management —Time is finite. Once gone, can’t be reclaimed. If you can recall, you had all the time in the world, when you were child. And mind you life of a child is not easy, in one day they had to perform various activities right from school to playing games to home work to extra curricular activities and so on so forth. But Children are able to do it so rightly. How?

How children ace when it comes to Time management? —First of all, children never feel that they are running out of time unlike adults. They always have this sense of confidence that they have all the time in the world. Just sheer acceptance of this, gives them incredible confidence. Secondly, they don’t over plan and overlap their time schedule. Adults always over plan their schedule and overlap their meetings, which drains their energy and efficiency. Like every task school, playtime, homework time and extra curricular activity for children has designated slot of time. Let’s create those slots without over promising and over burdening ourselves. Efficiency with work will automatically reduce the time spent on each activity. With period of time your brain will be automatically tuned to do a designated activity as per the slot allotted to it, saving your time and energy by bring stress level down.

  • Concentration — Children have an odd concentration power for things they want to do. Nothing for them is is boring. They do everything wholeheartedly. They follow simple principle of one thing at one time be it school or home work or playing games or indulging in any extra curricular activity. Having a deep concentration on one task helps them in doing it with best of their ability. If your attention is distracted, you can neither do things effectively nor in a way as it’s wanted.

Discover the mystery of concentration? — Multitasking is the thing, no matter how much one wants to avoid it, but everyone falls into its prey. Multitasking is draining human energy at breakneck speed. Human brains are not designed to multitask. Multitasking lowers your efficiency and work quality. You might feel more efficient while multitasking, as you achieve success in completion of small mini tasks and there is a feeling of instant gratification. This creates a dangerous feedback loop that makes people feel like they are accomplishing a ton, while in reality they are not doing much at all (or at least nothing requiring much critical thinking). In fact, some even refer to email/Twitter/Facebook-checking as a neural addiction. Being a child, we used to do one task at one time with full focus and attention. Let’s follow the same rule, it will increase your efficiency and more importantly it will improve your health and stress level. Protect yourself from the multitasking mental massacre. Turn off texting notifications and choose specific times to check your phone as well. And suddenly you feel that you are submerged in one task efficiently without any distractions

  • Emotional Intelligence & Compassion — Children are masters of emotional intelligence and best beings when it comes to compassion. They are very expressive when it comes to expressing their feelings and showing care for other’s feelings. They have unprecedented level of love and patience for the emotions of other people. Why EI & compassion is important for you?As per studies, people with higher EI and compassion levels have greater mental health, job performance and leadership skills

How EI & compassion can change your life? — Children always have room for any flexibility or last minute change contrary to adults who are more rigid and inflexible for the changes. Because they take life as it comes and respect the emotions of other people. This indeed nurtures their emotional intelligence and quality of compassion.Next time you are struck with any problem, just think how you would have reacted to it when you were young. Your problem will be resolved and you will feel much more lighter.

  • Communication Skills — Children are innocent souls. Have you ever noticed them when they are talking with some one. The conversation they have with others are clear, to the point and very straightforward. Without any “ifs” and “Buts”. But as grown ups, people become hesitant and reluctant in sharing their emotions. Children have deep ability to convey their message without any barriers of language because they have right intent and honesty towards the other person.

How to indulge in soulful communication with others? — Adults over think and gives too much energy on analyzing the results than on being conversant with the other person. Whereas, children go all out and speak their heart out to anyone and everyone. There are no barriers in the communication and message is conveyed very clearly. Being adult one needs to embrace this quality and speak with your heart out. Many problems in this world can be easily solved, if people start talking to each other instead of talking about each other. Communication is the first step to resolve any matter. Just talk wearing your heart on the sleeve like children.

  • Socially-Friendly — Children are naturally gifted when it comes to building the relationships.They don’t hesitate talking to strangers, they don’t differentiate between people based on their caste, greed, race, gender or color. They just go and speak their heart out with everyone.

Why being social is important? — What stops people from being social? Various things like being judgmental, past experience, the way they were brought up, discrimination etc. Humans are social animal. Kids never discriminate for them everybody is equal. But as adults, people create glass ceiling around them. This becomes first step towards being unsocial. As humans, social interaction is essential to every aspect of our health, it helps in improving your physical and psychological health. To be socially active bring back your child instinct, where there is no room for judgement, no cost benefit analysis, just love for everyone and everybody.

Conclusion — Start looking things from the eye of the child. Be happy in getting lost in the wonders of the life. Life is a circus, if you really want to enjoy it be a joker. Life is transcendent journey, deeper than your thoughts. Don’t resist it or resolve it. Just be with it. Twists and turns of your journey will give you different experience of life -GOOD, BAD OR UGLY. Don’t indulge into it. Immerse yourself in the ever changing philosophies of life. Embrace the innocence of child inside you. And life will become wonderland and each struggle or problem a new swing with every new twists, turn and swirl it will ignite different neurons of your brain.

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