6 Ways That I Beat My Own Anxiety on a Daily Basis

In no way do I have crippling anxiety, but ever since I can remember I have been prone to getting caught up in my own thoughts and over-thinking even the most simple of situations. A few years ago I was getting caught up in near panic attacks over my health because acid re-flux and just general muscle soreness was causing me some chest pains. One time after a quick google search indicated I was having a heart attack and I needed to call “911,” I went into a full on panic attack. Fortunately it was not a heart attack, or anything near it and I am fine, but it was crazy how I let my anxiety overtake the rational part of my brain that would have just thought through that situation. Long story-short, I have had to find ways to beat my anxiety, so that I can live life to the fullest. I am not 100% successful, of course, but I have noticed that I am so much more productive and satisfied than I have been in the past.

So how do I fight back against anxiety, or even help prevent it?

I Get Moving

Being sedentary for long periods of time had a negative impact on my mind (and body of course). So instead of sitting around and waiting for life to come to me, I would rather just get up and get moving. I may not accomplish anything productive on non-work days, but I still want to get up and be active. Taking my son on walks or bike rides has actually been one of my best anxiety reducers as of late.

I Try to Focus on Things I Can Control

Especially when it comes to work and being a leader… I want to focus on the things that I can control and be as fair and compassionate as I can. If I get to caught up on the “what ifs?” and things beyond my control, it causes a great deal of unneeded anxiety. I’m still not the best at this, but I have gotten better at remaining focused on the controllable things; with a major focus on how I treat others.

I Stay Organized

Too much clutter gives me anxiety, especially in a work environment, so I stay as organized as possible. I like to have a neat calendar, computer files, desk, etc… Overall, I just like to have things organized so that I can find what I need quickly whenever I need it. Google Drive, Calendar, Photos, and Mail have helped with that because all of my files are stored and organized in a place where they shouldn’t be lost. Overall, something that simple relieves my mind.

I Look at Photos of My Son

If I am at work, or anywhere that does not allow me to be around my son, I can always count on looking at pictures of him to cheer me up, even easing my mind. I know that he is a happy little boy that loves life, so looking at pictures of him is just an excellent way to re-focus my mind on the positive.

Instant Smile for Me

I Write

Writing and finding my voice has been such a blessing. Being able to write about how I feel, things that inspire me, and beyond has helped keep my anxiety in check. I thoroughly enjoy being able to create, even if people aren’t into what I’m creating at times. Whether I share a piece or not, I find solace in writing.

I Pray

This is something I do in private and find time for every day, usually multiple times a day. Prayer to me is the best way to exercise faith and faith is the opposite of anxiety.

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