4 things I’ve learned from my 4-month-old daughter

Paloma, 23 September 2016 at 14:34

Today, my daughter Paloma turns 4 months old. While I have learned a lot about being a parent and how to stay awake during the day with only 3 hours of sleep, I’ve also learned some very valuable life lessons from her.

1. Wake up with a smile and be grateful

The best part of my day is to see her waking up, because the second she opens her eyes, she has a huge smile in her face. As adults we often forget why we should smile as soon as we wake up. We’re alive and in a comfy bed, we have clean water to drink and a warm shower to wash in, and we’re able to go to a paying job. We often forget that there are more than 1.2 billion people living in extreme poverty. Be grateful for every new day in your life.

2. A piece of paper or a napkin is enough to be entertain

Sadly, we live in a materialistic and visual world where we place our happiness into what possessions we have, rather than who we are and who we are with. Seeing Paloma excited while playing with a napkin and watching her eyes light up every time she tears it apart, is a lesson on how little we need to make our lives sufficient and happy. We should decide what and who makes us happy, not what stuff makes us happy.

3. Laugh at the bad jokes

Whether it is me, my wife, her grandparents, uncles, friends, or even strangers walking by, we all try to make Paloma smile with our funny faces and weird voices. Yes, I know that we are not being funny, but she still smiles. Appreciate the effort others make for you, and laugh at the bad jokes.

4. Keep smiling, even with a dirty diaper

No matter how dirty and messy a diaper is, it will always be removed and thrown away, leading to a clean and fresh start. We all have some type of dirty diaper in our lives. Some will cry about it and others smile, but eventually we all get the chance to “get clean”. It is our attitude that will determine how the situation plays out.

As a 4-month-old baby, all she knows is how to smile, eat, and sleep, but I guess that is how life should be: Eat and sleep so you can keep smiling : )

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