2018 : The year to get things done

This year is all about seizing opportunities and enjoying life as much as you possibly can. 2018 is the year you get things done. A year of achievement, hope and ultimate happiness.

No more putting off things you want to do ‘until the time is right’.

No more being shy and scared to try out new things.

No more over thinking of what others will think of your actions.

“If in your heart it feels right to do something, then go ahead and do it” because if you leave it for tomorrow or when you’re financially stable or for after convincing your family…you might as well be dead by then.

Seriously, it’s time to take charge of your life. You’ve only got one life after all so make it worth the while.

Sometimes opportunities come knocking your way and sometimes opportunities lie around waiting for you to come grab them.

You can’t let insecurity ruin things you so badly want.

I’m not saying you will always do the right thing or you will always be happy. That’s just not possible because life itself isn’t perfect, but you have got to keep moving past the thorns even get bruised maybe but keep going! That is when you’ll feel the smooth softness of the rose petals waiting to comfort you for your hard work.

Life is not about building this picture perfect luxurious comforting bubble. Because bubbles burst my friend and then you will only end up in misery.

No. Life is all about enjoying this very moment. Thanking God for giving you another day to live. Embracing the challenges and then kicking ass to make your way through. Grab opportunities that smack you in the face. Have an ambition in life. Work hard. Earn Money. Save up but also enjoy whenever you can. Tell your family how much you love them. Meet with friends and make memories. Go ask out the girl/guy you have a crush on. Quit the job you hate and venture on the path you really want to.

You may win. You may lose. But promise me you won’t quit. You simply cannot give up!

Failures are not excuses to stop living a happy life. Failures don’t make you stupid. Not learning from them and being stuck in the same rut is what makes you an educated fool.

Be generous and considerate to humans and animals and nature. You live and breathe because you’re lucky to exist. Some people don’t even have half of what you got so live each day with a humble open minded attitude.

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